How do I demonstrate due diligence in my food safety standards?

October 23, 2020 1:30 pm


All food businesses, whether they make, handle or sell food should all be following the strict hygiene routines that have been laid down in law, namely the Food Safety Act 1990. However, it is not enough to follow these regulations but to be able to demonstrate them as well through efficient record keeping.

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This is where due diligence comes in – the ability to demonstrate your food safety practices. You must be able to prove through documentation that you have followed all regulations and done all possible to comply with the current laws surrounding food safety to avoid breaches.

By carrying out due diligence, a trader is protected legally should an incident occur on their premises, for example. To get help with all these things, contact Food safety Consultants at a site like MQM Consulting

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The best way to demonstrate due diligence is by keeping good records of the systems you have in place regarding food safety and your HACCP plan. These show that your food is safe to sell. The HACCP in place will depend on the size of the business and what work is carried out there. Carrying out regular risk assessments will help to keep this information fresh and identify any weak points.

A business should also be able to show how it handles cross-contamination risks and the procedures in place for this. Controlling risk is an important part of demonstrating that your business is doing all it can to keep customers safe.