Why You Need To Carry Out A Fire Risk Assessment

March 7, 2021 3:20 am


A Fire Risk Assessment is undertaken by professionals who understand how to evaluate buildings and properties for a high level of risk. If need be, a Fire Risk Assessment can be carried out by anyone with relevant qualifications, after consultation with a Fire Risk Assessment Bristol company or they can carry out the risk assessment for you. .

Why should you carry out a fire risk assessment? Firstly, this type of assessment provides a practical guide to making a property safer.

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Secondly, fire risk assessments show the cause and severity of the risks that your property could be at risk from. Most people become aware of electrical fires caused by faulty electrical equipment such as fridges, but very few of us take the time to consider the causes of cooking fires. These may be caused by faulty electric equipment, such as a faulty cooker, or by a lack of precaution, such as leaving lighters and candles too close to an electrical panel. In some cases, the source of the fire may not be obvious. For example, a petrol leak can start a fire when petrol leaks from a faulty fuel line.

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When evaluating premises for fire hazards, most people consider only those places that are visible from the property – this makes things quite easy to achieve – but that’s not enough! An effective fire risk assessment can alert you to problems that might not immediately appear to you, or to avoid situations that could increase the likelihood of fire occurring. Fire safety is no longer just about making the workplace safe for staff – it’s also about protecting the public from fire risks, ensuring everyone is kept well informed of safety regulations, making sure your premises are safe and following the law where compulsory smoke alarms are installed.