How to transform your kitchen with oak

August 25, 2020 2:26 pm


The role and function of the kitchen as part of the home has evolved over the years. It is no longer used simply to prepare meals; instead, it has become the room where all sorts of family activities take place. It is no longer shut off to guests; now, it is the gathering place and the heart of the home. As a result, kitchen design has become softer and less sterile. When looking for a new home, the kitchen can be the deal-breaker.

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Beams and worktops

Exposed oak beams in the ceiling look amazing when used alongside both modern and traditional kitchen units. Whether loadbearing or simply installed for aesthetics, oak beams will bring a rustic and cosy feel to every kitchen. Choose reclaimed beams for an authentic look or air-dried beams, which naturally shrink and crack, for a look full of character.

Whichever type of oak beams you choose, why not complement them with oak worktops? These are becoming more popular and, as oak is a hardwood, are much more durable than you might think. Oak is easy to maintain and enhance, unlike many other materials, and can be used in ways that give it a beautiful and natural appearance.


As many families now eat in the kitchen, an oak dining table is a useful addition to the room. Just like the beams and worktops, oak furniture is exceptionally robust, which is important for families that use a kitchen table for more than just eating their meals. An oak table will last through years of painting, crafts and homework and still look amazing.

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Oak flooring is another consideration for transforming your kitchen. Not only does it give a homely feel to any room but also its endurance works particularly well in the kitchen, as this is a high-traffic area of the house. It is also easy to clean spills from an oak floor, which is much more suitable than a carpet and warmer underfoot than the traditional choice of stone or tiles.

Oak’s biggest selling points are is its durability and versatility. It also improves with age, meaning you can achieve the same results with reclaimed timber, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Consider using oak to transform your kitchen with any of these ideas and fall in love with it all over again.