Should You Use Streaming or Cable TV

September 7, 2021 5:26 pm


Streaming is increasing in popularity, and it can seem like a threat to cable TV. However, what cable TV offers is different to streaming so it would be a shame if streaming took over. That’s why I think that if you don’t already have a TV licence, you should get one and install a TV aerial if you don’t have one. For TV aerial installation Cheltenham, I highly recommend contacting Steve Unett. Read on for reasons to help you decide whether to use streaming or cable TV.

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Firstly, consider the cost of both streaming and cable TV. Typically, we believe that streaming is cheaper but that is no longer the case as more and more companies such as YouTube are increasing their prices. It is becoming near impossible to watch free TV.

Another factor to look at in order to decide whether to use streaming or cable TV is the amount of channels there are to watch. It may come as a surprise to you to know that only a limited number of live streaming services have more than 100 channels. On the other hand, cable and satellite TV providers offer more than 200 channels, making cable TV an ideal option for viewing programmes.

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Lastly, the picture quality of the video is an important factor to consider. Streaming, despite improvements over time, has overall lower definition and picture quality. cable TV and satellite TV wins by far on this as it offers 4k picture definition and good quality that is consistent.

Hopefully after reading this you are clearer about whether to use cable TV and streaming. Cable TV can offer consistent high definition TV and a large number of channels.