How To Look Your Best This Autumn 2021

September 13, 2021 12:17 pm


When Summer is over, the days grow shorter and colder, the trees turn brown and the leaves start to fall to the ground, we start to feel like hibernating like the animals do! This causes us to choose comfort over style when it comes to what we wear every day. You may think you are making the right choice choosing comfort, but yet you feel sloppy and look in the mirror wishing you could put in a bit more effort into your appearance. You’ll be glad to hear that it is totally possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time! Read on to discover how you can look your best this Autumn.

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Firstly, update your wardrobe. If you only have summer t-shirts, and the same tracksuit bottoms you have had for years, you’re likely bored of always looking the same. It may be time for some retail therapy! For a smart but comfortable look I recommend choosing good quality pairs of jeans with a smart belt if needed, and some smart cotton, polo shirts. You’ll find everything you need at Tommy Hilfiger Clothes.

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Next, considering that Autumn is likely to be cooler than warm, and cloudier than sunny, but not so cold you need a winter coat, you will need a lightweight coat. Leather jackets are back in fashion if you’re into them, or a lined denim jacket is stylish and will go with almost any outfit. You’ll need one casual jacket, and one that you could wear on a night out or to work.

Lastly, choose shoes that are weather appropriate and smart, some nice leather boots would look great, and some new trainers if your old ones are very worn. Remember to take care of your shoes so they last a long time.