The Main Areas of the Face that Botox is Used to Treat

July 28, 2021 5:18 am


There are lots of new innovations coming along all the time in the health and beauty world, but one of the biggest ever has had to be Botox. Botox actually comes from the Botulinum toxin, and it was discovered that a side effect of this was the ability to freeze the muscles, which then smooths out lines and wrinkles.

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Botox has grown immensely in popularity, and what used to be a favourite of celebs and the rich and famous is now something that anyone can easily have access to, with many great practitioners like this Gloucester Fillers and Botox expert Doctor Kate.

When it comes to the parts of the face where Botox can help, here are the most popular places to have Botox…

Forehead Lines – These are the lines on the forehead that often age the face and can be due to a variety of factors, like genetics, smoking and too much time spent in the sun!

Glabella Lines – These are the lines that form between the eyebrows when we frown and as we age can become more pronounced, if they are very deep it may be that a combination of Botox and dermal fillers are used.

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Crows Feet- These are the lines around the outer corners of the eyes that are formed from smiling, and Botox is great at minimising their appearance – this is one of the most popular places to use Botox as it is so successful at treating these lines.