What is Probate in the UK?

April 9, 2021 4:37 am


Probate is a word that is used in the United Kingdom and has nothing to do with the process of handling estates. Probate is actually the ground of the estates in the UK; it is when an individual dies and all their property gets divided up amongst their loved ones and whom it belongs to in accordance to a will. The will is usually made by the person when they are alive, but in some cases it can be made at a later time.

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When the executors of the will die, who are called “agent’s”, get their property divided and then it is distributed amongst the beneficiaries that they have a name in the will. There are also other things that happen after the executors have died. They take over the debt of the deceased person, pay off any outstanding bills that they may have and even make sure that there is no outstanding debt on the estate before passing it onto the next generation. It is not necessary that the person who makes the will also live next to the deceased person, as the court can order that the executor’s home is the only home that they have and that their only living parent is their beneficiary.

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You need to contact an experienced family law solicitor that can help you understand the process of probate in the UK. It can be a difficult process and it can be avoided by ensuring that you have a will in place that has been drafted by a professional Will Writing Cheltenham company such as Bees and Co.