How force and motion work to help us

June 29, 2020 5:01 pm


As we live our lives we are subject to forces and to motion. Some of these forces we cannot see, most we can only feel. We have learned how to harness the power of forces and motion to our own ends. One of the most obvious examples is how we used sails to  power great ships or even a simple, but practical Pneumatic Conveying Systems like those from

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With forces comes motion. Wind is one of the most easily recognisable forces. You cannot see it but you can certainly feel it. It is one of the oldest forms of motion that we use. The great tea clipper ships like The Cutty Sark could use every part of the wind to catch in its sails and power it through the water as speed was of the utmost importance.

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Another example of force to create motion is that of magnets. The pulling force of the magnet is quite incredible. It can attract iron towards it as if it were magic.  There is even force in an elastic band. The compression of the band and its sudden release creates a huge force that catapults it across the room or throws the item it is holding.