The way to clean your marble floor

May 11, 2020 4:21 pm


When you have a marble floor it is a real thing of beauty. For centuries the inclusion of marble suggests power, wealth and taste, so your new kitchen looks like a million dollars! However, as with any surface material, you’ll want to ensure that it stays it;s best for the longest period of time possible. So, how do you clean marble?  First off you’ll need to make sure that you have a decent product in the first place. To look at some decent Marble Tiles have a look at

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You’ll need to give the marble a sweep and mop every other day. Marble is very hard wearing but it is not indestructible or unsustainable. The sweeping is needed to pick up any bits of grit as they can scratch the surface. Have a set of kitchen towels ready to soak up any liquid spills that occur.

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The type of cleaning material is also very important. In most cases a solution of vinegar is all that its needed to clean, instead of an expensive scented product, however in this case the acid in vinegar is a big no no. This is also true of bleach. Plain soap, even dish soap will do. Be sure to dry the surface afterwards.