The worst animals for passing on disease

August 27, 2020 6:08 am


The spreading of blood bond disease’s is made much easier by certain types of insects and pests. What might seem like a mere nuisance can actually be harbouring something more serious. Here are the most dangerous pests that need to be removed as soon as possible if an infestation is found. ST George Pest Control Essex are one of the best companies equipped to deal with an issue. They are a premier Pest Control Chelmsford based specialist.

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  1. Mosquitos. Classed as being the most dangerous creature on the planet they are responsible for the most human deaths. They pass the diseases of malaria and dengue fever. To make things worse their flight is generally undetectable.
  2. Midges and flies. Small as they are, they do make a noise. Midges are tiny but they can pass on sleeping sickness. They lay their eggs in clothes which then hatch thousands.
  3. Bed bugs. Thankfully not in the UK, the bed bug is an issue in South America where it gives people Chagas Disease. At least they are nocturnal.

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  1. Fleas and Lice. Much as they like to live on rats and help spread Typhus both enjoy living on humans as well. It is now thought that the fleas on humans were worse for spreading the plague.
  2. Ticks. One of the worst for the storage of diseases. These unpleasant irritants have a multitude of illnesses in them in the shape of Lyme disease, Q disease and tick borne spotted fevers.

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