A messy matter

July 27, 2020 3:48 pm


It is a belief held by many that if a bird defecates on you, your property or your vehicle then you are in for some good luck. The more birds and more poop, lucky you! However, it does not feel very lucky when it happens to you. So, if you are not one to believe in such old wives’ tales, then what is the best way to avoid bird poo?

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Seagulls and pigeons are a common nuisance in most towns and cities, whether you are near the beach or not. Seagulls come to urban areas because they get presented with garbage, dropped food and trash. Staying away from their mess is highly recommended as some of their droppings are known to carry bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. Bird droppings also have a high acid content, and so over time can damage the wood, stone, iron and steel. For Pest Control Southend, visit a site like BPC Pest Control, a leading Pest Control Southend company.

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When using your vehicle, try to remember to park far away from the edges of buildings or lampposts as the birds congregate in these areas and you are more likely to receive a dose of something unpleasant as the birds prepare for flight. Also avoid large bins as scavengers will be attracted to them and may be sitting on your car while enjoying their latest meal.

One of the best pieces of advice should be not to feed them. Unless you are prepared for a scene like Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, then feeding them is a big no-no. By feeding the seagulls you only reinforce their behavior and show that it’s worth their while to hang around humans. They are more likely to become aggressive because they see this as their right to help themselves to your food.