Different types of glass

June 15, 2020 1:40 pm


There is a wide variety of glass types to choose from, with common types including clear, tinted, decorative, safety or tempered. The type you choose will depend a lot on what its intended use is. When installing windows and doors for decorative purposes, most likely a decorative stained-glass effect will be chosen, for example.

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Glass is also available in different thickness, such as single, double and even triple glazed. The more layers to the glass, the more insulation and protection it offers. For more information on Glass Suppliers Bath, visit a site like Roman Glass leading Glass Suppliers Bath

A recent innovation in glass making has come in the form of sealed insulating glass. This removes the need for layers, single, double or triple. The insulating properties are built in making this type of glass much more efficient in retaining heat. It can reduce heat loss by as much as 90%.

Other glazing options available include safety glass, which is found fitted in important areas in accordance with building regulations. These are areas where people are more at risk of accidental impact. The highest grade is toughened glass and when it breaks, it falls into small pieces as opposed to shards.

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Laminated glass features a sheet of toughened plastic between two panes of glass. In case of breakage, the glass sticks to the plastic instead of smashing into shards. It is most often found in commercial use but is increasingly popular in domestic locations as well.

Some other types of glass include conservatory glass which can be manufactured to contain a solar reflective film to reflect heat and prevent conservatories from becoming too hot during the summer.