How to safely move your products

October 6, 2021 5:00 am


Moving large products or bulky items around a warehouse can be a difficult task.  Given the huge amount of products that are in a warehouse, storing them is also an issue.  This is why we have come up with two excellent tools to accomplish both of these tasks.  Storage is taken care of with pallet racking.  This is where pallets are spotted directly into racking onto  maybe even 3 or 4 levels. This system has allowed space to be saved and for a wide variety of products to be stored safely and securely without any risk to the workers or the general public.

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Moving the goods represents something of a handling problem.  Manually shifting each individual unit would take far too long.  Weight is also an issue. The answer has presented itself in the shape of the Pallet Trucks that are available to buy on the market.

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These handy hydraulic pumps are able to move huge amounts of stock very quickly.  Even better, they usually only take one or two people to operate safely.  All that a pallet truck essentially is is a double fault lifting device to be slotted into the pallet itself.  This is then towed by the user around the warehouse to the location it is meant to go.  For larger amounts an electric powered version is available or if it is even bigger pieces of equipment a forklift can be used. Forklift and Pallet Trucks can be purchased and hired at the link included.