What is an ecommerce website

October 6, 2021 4:59 am


Websites are used by numerous different companies to allow potential consumers to see the products and services that are available for them to buy. Service websites will often have a website designed that will have their services broken down and the ways in which they can help their consumers expressed. When companies sell products they have a specially designed site known as an ecommerce site. It is important to use a professional Ecommerce Web Design Dublin company in order to have this designed and built correctly.

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Ecommerce websites have a number of important elements.

  • Images – product images help consumers to view the items that are available and allow them to see the options. These images can include technical images as well as those that allow potential customers to visualise using the products.

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  • Product descriptions – having the products described in detail again allows customers to decide which products will benefit them and which ones they intend on buying.
  • Checkout – of course one of the most important elements of an ecommerce site is the ability to be able to pay for the items that you want. This involves putting a checkout on the website. The web designer that you choose will talk you through the options that are available for you to do this. It will also involve you using a payment gateway such as something like Stripe or Paypal. Again the best person to advise you on which to use will be the web designer.