What is Vehicle Fleet Management?

February 11, 2021 3:51 pm


Vehicle fleet management is a field of commercial business administration dealing with the proper organisation, maintenance and upkeep of commercial vehicles and their associated resources. This includes the full record keeping of fleet assets, maintenance of vehicle mileage and emissions, tracking of drivers and their records, and most importantly, the storage and disposition of these resources. It also involves the creation and implementation of a fleet maintenance plan to achieve the desired results from the vehicles. Such a plan is a strategic document that coordinates all the activities related to the vehicles and the business so as to promote a high return on investment.

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There are several components of fleet management that need to be kept track of. Among these are preventive management, fuel management, vehicle mileage and emissions control, tracking of drivers and the records of their training and certification, and the storage and disposition of the resources. These four components form a complete plan which is implemented and monitored by the company’s fleet manager. The objective is to maximise the efficiency and the productivity of the business by effectively managing the resources of the company. For Vehicle Fleet Management, visit https://www.mphvehiclesolutions.co.uk/fleet-management

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A fuel management plan helps the fleet manager to determine how much fuel to purchase and when to refill the tanks to prevent such a waste of money and resources so knowledge of the vehicles is also important.