Does your business need a visitor management system?

February 11, 2021 5:04 pm


A visitor management system allows a company to register and track anyone visiting a company that is not a registered employee, such as a contractor, job applicant, delivery person or anyone invited to the company for a meeting.

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The traditional paper-based system

The traditional paper-based system is based on the visitor using a sign-in sheet to register and to enter their name, who they are seeing, their arrival time and often their car registration number. This would require someone at reception to oversee the registration and issue visitor and photo badges after sign-in. Visitors would normally write down the time they left as well and if at the end of the day no time was entered, it would require security to check if the visitors were still in the building. This system is not particularly environmentally friendly, but it does function quite well provided there is no need to search through lots of paper records to see if and when a particular visitor came to the company. For today’s modern companies, this system is quite old-fashioned. For a visitor management system UK suppliers are at the forefront of development.

How a visitor management system works

Firstly, no front-desk receptionist is needed to help sign-in visitors and contact the member of staff that the visitor has come to see. The so-called sign-in sheet is replaced by an electronic tablet device that manages all visitor arrivals, departures and communication with the employee that is expecting the visitor. When the visitor arrives, they will register and fill in all the details of who they are visiting and can also enter other information if asked. The system gives instructions to the visitor and it can be personalised and show company information, health, fire and security details and can communicate automatically with the employee being visited. Messages to and from the employee and visitor can also be displayed. Obviously, if the visitor is a courier, the details required can be reduced. It is easy to find out who is in the building and be able to search through historical records. If you’re looking for such a visitor management system UK suppliers such as OFEC can help.

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The traditional paper-based visitor sign-in system does not meet modern requirements. For today’s companies, a visitor management system adds lots of benefits and makes the whole process of managing visitors automatic and easy.