William George Armstrong – One of Britain’s most Successful scientists

August 24, 2021 12:39 pm


There are many notable scientists that have changed the world over the course of human history – from Galileo Galilei whose astronomical discoveries changed everything that we thought we knew about space, to Albert Einstein the famous physicist whose theories have been paving the way for so many that have come after him.

One scientist however that is not as well known by many, despite the huge scientific leaps he made is William George Armstrong. This British scientist was born in 1810 and was certainly a pioneer of his day.

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A scientist and a businessman, he is known to be the father of hydraulics and without him, we may not have many modern pieces of equipment like this hydraulic power pack https://www.hydraproducts.co.uk/ which is crucial in farming, aerospace and manufacturing to name just a few!

As the industrial revolution swept through Britain, William George Armstrong, also a successful businessman got to work – he created the hydraulic powered machinery to operate Tower Bridge in London, as well as the swing bridge in Newcastle, his home city.

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He was also a visionary, and the home that he built in Northumberland was the only one in the world to be powered solely by hydro-electricity – something that now would be a beneficial thing for us all to adapt as we struggle with the climate crisis.

He lived a long and successful life, passing away in Newcastle at the great age of 90, and as well as leaving his mark as a scientist, he was also a philanthropist, helping with the funding of seven new hospitals.