Winter is coming. But there is no need to panic

August 23, 2021 2:05 pm


It’s official. Those halcyon days of a snow covered Britain at Christmas are gone and are not coming back anytime soon. Human intervention in the environment means that the record snowfall we saw in 2018 and back in the early eighties is only going to be a distant memory. Perhaps it’s not so bad. We shall be getting a more Mediterrain climate. It also means we shall save a fortune in snow ploughs and think of all those snow days where schools and business are cancelled. It’s actually a great opportunity when you think about it!

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Our winters are going to transform themselves into, basically, an Autumn/Spring hybrid that will be a little bit colder than those seasons usually are. If you like Autumn it’s something to get happy about. Sadly those cold crisp winter mornings or snowy ones are not going to happen. As you open that nice new Calvin Klein Menswear that your partner got from EJ Menswear on Christmas morning you might not even need the central heating on as it will barely be into winter.

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There might be a chance that we can recapture those 4 seasons again if the world all act as one on climate change and reduces carbon emissions, stop using plastic to poison the sea etc but at the end of the day it’s rather asking a lot and we really don’t seem that bothered or keen.