The pros and cons of moving your accounting firm to the cloud

July 30, 2020 10:45 am

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Due to recent global events, working in small, confined offices has been deemed not secure for workers and clients. In these conditions, the firms are being compelled to start remote working and moving themselves to the cloud to run their business. Following are some pros and cons of moving an accounting firm to a cloud-based system:


The employees can access the office from anywhere from any device connected to the internet. Distance working or working from home will keep people socially distanced and the business is also running smoothly.

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The Cloud system does not require any type of hardware, so, there are no extra expenses for the maintenance of servers.

When computing increases, the software requires constant updating. The Cloud system is free from this worry, just install and feel relaxed. For your Accountants Swindon, visit

Contrary to the on-premises server, disaster recovery is faster in the cloud system. A single click brings you to previous conditions.

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The most serious drawback of the cloud-based system is related to the internet. It requires high speed and a consistently stable internet connection which is not possible in some areas.

The installation of a cloud-based system is risky as it is very complicated though much advancement is brought to this technology.

Cloud-based systems do not have issues of hardware but still, software failures and other issues can arise in this system.

The cost of the cloud-based system is also very high as compared to the on-premises system. This price can be cut down in many ways but still, there is a great difference between them both.