The UK Currency and Some of the Rarest Coins

June 30, 2021 7:11 am


Money and currency are something that many of us handle less and less now. With the convenience of digital cash which can be transferred directly from our bank account to the shop with a simple flick of the card, or goods can be bought online by entering our card details, it means that cold hard cash is becoming a lesser used way of paying for goods and services.

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But the money that we spend is rich in history, and in fact, in the UK we have the oldest currency in the whole world! It is possible to find old coins still, whether you are out for a walk in the countryside or on the beach, there are many people who uncover these fascinating historical artefacts. If you do happen to find an old coin and you want to know more about it, take it to a coin specialist like these coin dealers UK based GM Coins who will be able to tell you more about it – and you never know, it may be worth a fortune today!


Some of the most valuable coins that you might come across are:


1933 George V penny -This coin is one of the most valuable in the UK and is worth over £70,000! With only 7 of these in existence however, coming across one would be extremely lucky!

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1996 European Championships two-pound coin – This commemorative football coin is worth around £2000 and only 2,100 were ever made. It features a football design on the back of the coin.