How is Land Cleared Before Construction Starts?

June 30, 2021 7:09 am


When we talk about land clearing before construction, we are talking about clearing the land for building and development projects. Usually the local government would hold land clearing exercises to clear the land and make it ready for development. The process of clearing the land usually begins when a permit is first requested, and when the permission is finally obtained the clearing can take place.

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There are different methods that are used to clear the land before construction begins. The first method used by most developers is “row-tamping”. In this method heavy machinery is used to clear the land so that it becomes ready for development. Another method is “cutting and clearing”. This method is more labour intensive than the first method described above and more expensive in some cases. Once the land is clear for development, “spraying” or “drying” is used to clear the remaining grass and dirt from the land. For advice on Leicester Plant Hire, consider

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It’s important to remember that you don’t just have to see what the land looks like before any construction is started. You need to be sure that the land is clear of all obstructions, such as fences, trees and other debris, etc. After the clearances are made it’s time to begin the actual construction process, and it’s important to note that the land must be cleared of any debris that could hinder the progress of the project.