Benefits of gardening to our mind and body

September 28, 2020 2:39 pm


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Gardening is a skill that many of us take for granted and with new houses being built often having smaller gardens that their older counterparts it is not something that many people think of. However, gardening has some incredible physical and mental benefits and here are a few of them for you to have a look through.


Muscles – anyone who has worked in gardenign or landscaping and perhaps used professional equipment where they have needed to have Briggs And Stratton Parts available in case of any breakages, will tell you that gardening helps build muscles. The bending down, pushing a lawnmower and digging of the soil works all the major muscles in your body leading to more defined and toned muscles and it can also be a great way to lose weight.

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Strength – as well as building up your muscles, gardening also helps to build strength. This again is due to the equipment that you have to move around the garden as well as the heavy lifting that may be involved if you carry soil, compost and other items across your garden.


Mental health – being out in nature has a positive impact on your mental health and the fresh air also helps. There is some thought that growing items of your own also helps to build a sense of achievement and purpose that again has a positive impact on your mental health.