Don’t be afraid of some stylish radiators

August 10, 2020 6:15 pm


One of the most underlooked parts of the home are the radiators. They sit there on the wall quite unobtrusive but have you ever thought about sprucing them up a bit. One thing is certain you need to make sure they are working in tip top condition. This where a Boiler repair Gloucester based firm can come in very handy as they will make sure all is well before you start to look at some of the more fancy designs that are out there.

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First of all have you thought about just painting the ones that you already have? Wait until the summer when the things aren’t on and you can choose from a range of paints that are specifically made for radiators. Do it in the winter and you have the problem of them getting hot and the paint not drying as quickly as you’d like. So, rather than have them all white why not blend them in with the walls.

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This is not the only option. Shaft radiators that reach up to the ceiling rather than out are becoming very popular. You can even get them in wavy lines or thin. If you like the old look then you can go back to the Victorian days and get some nice retro wrought iron ones.

More contemporary designs feature African art or even square designs. The future of radiator designs is bright.