Why Britain decided to give this Television thing a try

August 10, 2020 6:19 pm


In 1953 hardly anyone in the UK owned a Television. They didn’t see a need for it. First of all the radio provided them with all the entertainment they needed. It had music, comedy, informative programs, the news and documentaries. Adding pictures to the equation wasn’t really needed. After all that was what the Cinema was for. Owning a television was fine, you just didn’t have it out on show. The first televisions were hidden away in cabinets with closing doors or they were the secondary part of a record and radio set. However, this was about to change with the event of the 1950’s. The coming of the second Gloriana, the birth of a new Elizabethan age, was about to come to pass with the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second.

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This was the first time a British monarch was going to be crowned so that the population could see. It was driven by her energetic husband, the dashing Prince Philip, who had been handed the reins much to the consternation of the Buckingham Palace mandarins like Tommy Lascelles. The country was trying to recover from the horror of the Second World War. Families had suffered greatly, losing at least one family member or friend to the conflict. The coronation of the beautiful young monarch gave hope to all and sealed in the victory that Britain had won and remained a great power.

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It would have bbe a busy time for a TV Aerial Installation Cardiff firm like https://www.onevisionltd.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation-cardiff as the country suddenly wanted to see it happen live. People crowded round to people who owned one so they could watch it. They began to think that maybe there was something in this TV lark.