Helping keep drain blockages at bay

May 25, 2021 5:30 am


Your drains are one of the most essential and vital parts of your home that you need to keep an eye on. Without them the waste water, and worse. Will start to back up into your system. This is not a situation that anyone would want to be in.

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For example, when you install a sink, bathtub, or countertop, there is a chance that the item might fall down and block your drains. If you don’t have a good chance of getting the object out of the drain before it becomes clogged, it’s a good idea to invest in some toilet plungers, clips or other items that you can quickly remove if you find yourself with a blocked drain. Drainage Cleaning is another option like that from Wilkinson Environmental to help keep your pipes flowing freely. .

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One of the reasons that blocked drains occur is because of excessive pressure from foreign objects or solid debris sitting in the pipe, which can easily force its way through the small orifices. Even though professional plumbers have drain cleaning equipment to remove blockages, there is a good chance that the blockage will reoccur after the procedure. There are also other causes for drainage problems, such as improper drainage design (such as a sink that is wider than the main drain and doesn’t have a trap at the bottom or an outlet that is located above the main drain), tree roots and other debris clogging the pipe, and structure defects in the main drain line or flushing equipment. For these and other drain problems, it is best to call a professional plumbing services company to ensure that your home is properly serviced and the blocked drain is resolved.