Should Heavy Goods Vehicles Have Reflective Chevrons?

May 24, 2021 7:05 pm


On many of our roads across the country, motorists drive and operate heavy goods vehicles that can weigh several tons. It is extremely important that these powerful machines, when traveling on the roads, should be required to take advantage of the same safety features that reflective chevrons on emergency vehicles already enjoy. Currently, in law, all vehicles traveling on public highways for emergency response purposes or that will be stopping roadside must be equipped with Chapter 8 markings. This is essential for the safety of the vehicle’s crew as well as that of other road users. Find out more at  PVL UK

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Should heavy goods vehicles have reflective chevrons? These simple stripes would allow drivers to see them at night as well as during the day time. The current law requires that drivers must give other drivers plenty of time to react to them before they have the chance to make their way around another vehicle, but without this simple, easily visible warning, serious accidents could occur on a daily basis due to drivers not paying enough attention or driving too fast through roadworks, for example.

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Manufacturers of heavy goods vehicles often install these devices into new vehicles as a standard part of the overall package. Having warning lights and reflective chevrons installed onto these vehicles would give other drivers ample time to avoid an accident.