How do you mark your tools?

June 30, 2020 2:41 pm


Theft is a gold mine for criminals, wrecking the livelihoods of honest traders everywhere. Police recover huge amounts of tools and always attempt to give them back to their owner, but without distinctive markings, how can you hope to ever have them returned?

Even if you are not a victim of a crime, tools also have a habit of going walkabouts when on site, so you should mark your tools to make them distinguishable from the others. Should your vehicle get stolen with your tools inside, having a tracker fitted will increase your chances of the police finding it and getting it back to you. For a Vehicle Tracking System, visit a site like Vehicle Accessories, for your Vehicle Tracking System needs.

Here are some of the best ways to mark your tools:

Permanent Marker Pen

This is a fairly permanent way to mark the tool but not especially unique. If everyone on the site has written their names or initials on their tools with a Sharpie, you will not immediately be able to distinguish yours from the others.

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Spray paint

Spray paint can give your tools a colourful makeover, making them stick out from all the rest. This marking method should be done when the tools are new, so that you do not need to clean any dirt first to get the paint to stick. Be sure to use the right type of spray paint on the surface of your tool and try to avoid painting over the serial number, working parts, moving parts or measurement indicators.

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Many traders use this method to put a permanent mark on their tools. It requires a close examination so isn’t the best method on site but does work well against thieves, making the tool difficult to sell.