Keep an Eye on your Dogs this Christmas -m Festive Hazards to Watch Out for

December 22, 2020 5:31 am


Christmas is nearly here and homes all over the world are preparing for the fun of the festive season. Not forgetting our four-legged family members, dogs will also be in for a treat this Christmas as so many people like to treat their loyal canine companions at this time of the year. Whether you give them a festive dog Christmas stocking, a new ball or one of these designer dog collars from Iwoof, you should also keep an eye on the extra Christmas hazards in the home at this time of the year.

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Food and drink that is in abundance over the Christmas period I the home is something you should keep an eye on as it can cause serious harm to your dog. Chocolate, raisins and alcohol are all particularly dangerous to dogs and can result in death even if only a small amount is ingested so keep a close eye on Christmas treats.

Plants are something else that we enjoy in our homes at Christmas, but they can also cause sickness in dogs if eaten – poinsettias, mistletoe, holly and ivy should all be kept well out of the way of a curious dog looking for a snack!

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As pretty as Christmas decorations are, they can pose a hazard to your pet – glass baubles if eaten can cause internal damage, as well as tinsel and ribbons which can cause damage inside your dog – it is important if you think your dog has eaten anything like this to take them to a vet for help.