Keeping your valuables secure this summer

February 18, 2022 2:28 pm


Everyone has the right to a safe and secure home and it is a basic human right to be able to keep one’s family and possessions safe and protected.  There are many ways to make life more difficult for potential burglars and with 7.3 million burglaries every year in the UK, don’t let yourself become a victim of this intrusive crime and follow some useful advice.

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Afterall if you have just purchased your property in the UK using firms like Conveyancing Bromley solicitors Sam Conveyancing you’ll want to know your home is safe and secure.

  • Everyone seems to be on social media these days and it’s easy to be tempted to show off your new gadgets or latest purchase but just be mindful of the fact that if you’re sharing publicly, you don’t know who is eyeing up your goods. The same goes for advertising the fact that you’re going away on holiday too.
  • It might not have occurred to you but make sure that you don’t have a calendar that is visible from the outside. A burglar could see what dates and times you will be out of the house and may decide it’s safer to return then.
  • Obscuring windows is another good idea and this can be done with nets, blinds or curtains. Don’t let anyone have easy access to scope out your valuables and see the layout of your rooms. Having very visible window locks can also act as a deterrent as burglars hate smashing glass.
  • Make sure you don’t leave garden tools lying around within easy reach as burglars can use these to gain access to your property. Ladders are particularly handy to a burglar so make sure you always put them away.
  • Never label your keys with a name and address, keep them out of sight and don’t keep them ikey holes. Having a Yale lock is not enough as a burglar can open these in seconds using a wire, a deadlock will be required too. Fitting a letterbox cage is also a useful tool for preventing access by burglars using a pole and hook.
  • For added peace of mind, an automated security system might be the way forward for your property.
  • It only takes a few seconds for a burglar to get in and out especially when they are looking to grab small items such as cash, jewellery and items like iPads and laptops. Therefore it is important that you are closing all doors and windows, even if you are just popping to the local shop.
  • Don’t always assume that if you have a dog it will deter burglars. Burglars have been known to give food to dogs and stroke them with a broom to calm them. A cat flap will also mean that your door is weakened and makes it easier to kick in so the advice is to not advertise the fact that you have pets. Don’t have window stickers or pet accessories in easy view as burglars will also know that you are far less likely to set an alarm if there are animals going in and out of the house.

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