Planning to Add a Garage to your Home

March 19, 2022 3:02 pm


A garage is a huge appeal for anyone looking for a new property. The ability to be able to store your car somewhere that is safe and secure is one thing that a garage offers, but it is much more than that, or it can be. A garage also offers extra space and can also be many more things – from an additional living area, a place to work or additional accommodation.

If you are planning on adding a garage to your home, whether you are wanting to increase the value of the property and sell it, or to use it for yourself it is a great investment, especially when done well. A garage will certainly increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers and give your home more value, and it is also a handy thing to have yourself to increase security for your car, or for additional space in your home.

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Considering what you want from your garage before you go ahead and build one is the first thing to do. Do you want your car to be locked away safely when you are not using it? Look into secure options like doors from this garage doors Cardiff based company if you are planning on using it for storage of equipment such as outdoor and garden equipment, then look into storage racking and clever solutions that can help you to make the most of your space and keep it well organised.

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If you are going to be using the garage as an additional space for your home, then what will give you the most benefit and how can you incorporate it into your home? Are you going to have it connected directly to your house or is it going to be a separate structure? There are many styles and designs of garages available, so it is a good idea to get some inspiration and see what sorts of styles suit your home, as well as researching the pros and cons of the various building materials.

The size of your garage will also be a factor – you may need to get planning permission if it is over a certain size, so bear this in mind when planning your garage and do check before you start building. It depends on the space available to you and what you are going to be using the garage for on the size of the garage that will suit you best – but bigger isn’t always better. There are many smaller garages that despite their small size, make the most of their space.