What is the best way to build a team

August 14, 2020 5:59 pm


We hear a lot in the modern era about teams. We find ourselves increasingly working in them and the success of a business stands or falls on their ability to work together. So, how do you make the team come together and operate as a slick machine? One of the first things that you could do is get them a set of decent Draughtsman Chairs so that they can all sit in the same place and not have a chair that is better, or worse, than each other.

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There are other ways to improve team togetherness and morale. It does rather depend on the team and the budget that you have available to spend. Here are some other examples.

  1. White water rafting. Get the team on an inflatable raft, give them a life jacket each and see if they can get down a wild river. They will have to work together to paddle and steer the thing. A lot of this relies on it being a young team and that they can swim.
  2. Paintball. Invented by the US military for combat training the gas powered paintball rifle has become something of a staple at teaching Execs and team members to work together at storming installations. It’s designed to create a feeling of unity or it’s a chance to wing Greg from Accounts.

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  1. A hike in the woods. This is a much better and sedate way of doing things. Combine it with a guide and the team have a chance to chat, bond and discover nature.
  2. Charity work. Find a worthy cause and get the team to help out for a day. This will enable the team to expand their horizons and do something for the community. It also means they do something constructive as well.