Computer Confidence, Children at Home and at School.

June 1, 2020 3:59 pm


Most Children have access to a computer, lap-top, Kindle or mobile phone at home these days, where they can access information for homework, contact their friends and play weird and wonderful games. Many Parents and Carers are happy to allow their children the freedom of using these on-line devices but most will put Parental Control restrictions on them so that their children cannot access dangerous or inappropriate sites.  If you are having technical issues with any of these devices then contact companies such as and make good use of Cheltenham IT Services.

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Computers, lap-tops and I-Pads are all incorporated into School learning on a daily basis and from the early age of three or four when Children start their Primary Education, they will have access to Information technology.  The children can; Take Tests, Access Information, Read Books, play Educational games and Complete Research Assignments.

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Learning to work together, use a Mouse, access the Internet, read instructions and have some fun as well as many other skills is an essential learning tool for children and incredibly useful for today’s busy Teachers. Lots of children today are more skilled on computer devices than their Parents and Carers and can often work out how to do something on-line that an adult can’t do!  Computers are definitely part and parcel of many children’s lives and most have their own mobile phones and on-line devises from an early age.