The importance of Plato

June 26, 2020 6:26 pm


Name a famous Greek philosopher and most will say Plato. We have much in the way of knowledge regarding Plato as a lot of this work survives. He was taught by Socratres, the one who drank the Hemlock poison, and then Plato teaches and influences Aristotle. The fact that Socrates taught Plato does pose a difficult question for students of Philosophy. In his writings Plato sets out his ideas as if he was having a conversation with his dead mentor. The trouble is Plato does not speak himself in the text. Therefore we cannot be sure if what we are reading is Plato’s ideas through Socrates or if he is just regurgitating Socrates ideas in the first place.

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Plato is a big influence on the theory of forms. This is the immaterial and the abstract. Plato thought that our souls were immaterial. In other words, he believed they were floating around in existence before we found a vessel, namely our bodies, to carry it around in.

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He was also keen on identifying which bits the soul divided up into. One was the appetite part which sought out food, drink and sex. It is this part, he would argue, that needs you to get a free Chlamydia Testing Kits London authorities from from time to time.