Corona Virus, living through the Pandemic and coming out of Lockdown!

July 1, 2020 2:43 pm


Christmas 2019 had appeared to be like any past family festivities, then New Year came and went and rumours were rife that a disease that had started in the Country of China faraway from our British shores was spreading rapidly around the World!  By the end of January 2020, the deadly disease was here in the United Kingdom, spreading like wild-fire and more and more people were becoming infected and dying!  The older generation seemed most at risk and on the 23rd March 2020 the United Kingdom was put into Lockdown and vulnerable people were advised to stay at home and shield themselves from imminent danger.  Streets were deserted, schools and shops closed their doors and anybody venturing outside was advised to wear a face mask.

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The need for a vaccine to combat this deadly virus was paramount and clinical trials were started straight away to try to find an antidote that could save thousands of lives.  Companies such as undertook this incredibly important task and conducted several Adaptive Phase 1 Studies to search for answers to the deadly Corona Virus puzzle.

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As of the first of July 2020, over forty-five thousand people have tragically lost their lives but at last, as the Country gradually tightens its grip on the disease Schools and shops are reopening and restaurants, hairdressers and hotels can once again open their doors to the public.  Slowly and carefully our World is coming out of Lockdown and emerging like a butterfly from a chrysalis into a brave new World.