Gloucester’s ancient wool trade

May 2, 2020 2:56 pm


Gloucester is a thriving city that pulls in many people, from first time buyers through to those looking for Park Homes Gloucestershire way such as It is an area that has a varied and long history. One such moment in its history was its trading of sheep wool.

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Many of the farms and cottages that you can see around the Gloucestershire area are a legacy to this trade and its subsequent decline in future years. The Cotswold Lion sheep is the breed that was reared for its wool across the region. It is thought that it supplied over 40% of the wool that was turned into cloth across the whole of England.

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The farming of sheep followed through many time periods in the region including Roman, Anglo-Saxon and later into the 16th Century. During this latter period Stroud became the wool manufacturing area of the county and remained so until it fell into decline between the period 1750 to 1850. The North East of England began to produce more and more wool and the Gloucestershire region could not keep up with the demand. The Cotswold Lion breed fell into decline and was classified as a rare breed. It is only in recent years when breeders have helped to increase the numbers once again.