So you want to be a solicitor?

September 2, 2020 2:33 pm


One of the most rewarding, both personally and financially careers you could look to pursue. You will need decent grades at A-Level, English and Maths being a given before you can embark on what can take up to five to six years to complete. It’s a long haul but it is worth it as you will find yourself in an ever changing world of legal aspects. What is the next step after completing A-levels?

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  1. Get a Law degree or LLB as it is known, These are available at most UK Universities where they will have different entry requirements. If you already have a degree but would like to change study then you could get a Diploma in Law. This does depend on whether the degree you took is a qualifying law degree so check with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) first.
  2. You have to complete the Legal Practice course. This can last for either one or two years, It gives the prospective solicitor the chance to increase their vocational training and gets some practical experience in a legal office.

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  1. When you have qualified you then get to spend two years under a training contract. This is full time with a Solicitor that will ensure that you have the right skills to proceed and show that you can perform in the role.
  2. Once this 2 years is complete you can apply to the SRA for your admission to the  Roll of solicitors and join the ranks of this essential part of the UK’s legal framework.

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