Strange things that have ended up in the drain.

June 16, 2020 3:07 pm


We have all put something that we shouldn’t have down the toilet. It might have been a wet wipe or too much loo roll but that is nothing compared to what some people have tried to do. The toilet seems like a great place to get rid of something. It’s like magic, you put it in, pull the handle and it disappears never to be seen again.  However if you are going to take that line of thought you could well end up with a Blocked Drain Kent, Dorset, Cumbria or wherever you are. At least you can call on if that does happen. What weird stuff have plumbers found down the drain or been asked to find?

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False Teeth. This is actually a popular one. When you consider it, it’s probably quite  a common occurrence. The sink can be close to the toilet. A slight slip, and oh dear. It’s strange that they still flushed though.

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Toys. You know that you child is tired of it’s Pikachu Pokemon when you see it slowly making its way down the U-Bend. One child claimed he was worried that his fire Pokemon Charizard was about to catch fire. Other things have included dolls, usually by younger brothers annoyed with their sister.