The Dangers of Working at Height

September 15, 2020 1:17 pm


When considering the hazards of working at height, many people are not aware of these dangers. There is one major danger of working at height that should be kept in mind, which is the risk of falling and hitting the ground hard enough to severely injure yourself or someone else. This is an extremely serious concern for anyone who has ever worked in the construction field, because falling is not uncommon. If this does happen, you could end up with serious injuries that may be serious enough to even be life threatening.

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Falling from heights is just one of the more serious injuries that can occur when working at heights. The other major risk that can come about when you work at heights is the risk of a broken bone. While this does not always happen to everyone, it is very common for construction workers to end up breaking a bone while working at heights. When working on construction sites, it is vital to know what the dangers are so that you can prevent yourself from being injured or even dying. For professional Roofers Norwich to carry out your work for you, visit a site like Modbay, leading Roofers Norwich

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If you are a construction worker, it is important to remember that all heights require some form of protective gear. There are two major pieces of safety gear that you need to wear, and if you are a construction worker it is important to wear both. The first is the helmet, which will protect you from falling debris. The second piece of protective gear is the full body harness, which will protect you from any injuries from falls as well as any other injuries that may occur as you are working at heights.