Why Thomas and Friends give thanks for Rocky.

April 28, 2020 2:16 pm


You can always be sure that at some point in their adventures or when trying to be really useful either Thomas or one of his Friends will generally stop “riding the rails” and come off them. When this happens there is generally one team to call, the Sodor search and rescue team. If the engine isn’t on fire then there is no need for Flynn and if the train needs being put back on the rails rather than splash  out on doing an expensive launch of Harold the Helicopter they call on Rocky the Davit Crane.

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You may well have need of a Davit Crane but you don’t need to contact the Sodor search and rescue team you just need to click on  https://www.gmh.co.uk/davit-cranes/ for a more practical one. For example, there’s don’t have human faces and talk.

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Rocky needs another train to pull him there and this usually falls to either James or Percy. As these two Engines are usually one of the main offenders for coming off the rails it generally alternates between the two.  Rocky appears to be an amiable Yorkshireman who seems quite happy with his lot being sent out to shift things.