Allied tanks of World War 2

May 13, 2020 4:38 pm


There were many tanks used by the Allies in World War two. Some were more effective than others against those used by the Germans. These 3 are the most well known. Whilst there are several working examples, many of which can be seen at the Tank Museum at Bovington, you can’t drive them. However, you can have a Tank Driving Experience day where you take out an FV432 around a ready made track.

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  1. The Sherman. This was one of the main tanks to help win the war for the Allies. It was fast and reliable with a sizable cannon on the front. It was easy to produce and was soon being shipped out to the British in North Africa where it helped to turn the tide against the Afrika Korps.
  2. The Churchill. This was a multi-functional tank that could be used for both defence and assault. It was able to remove mines and even lay a short bridge. It was named after the great Allied war leader Winston Churchill. Churchill had been one of the biggest advocates of the development of tanks for the First World War.

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  1. The T-34. This Russian workhorse became the template for most modern tanks and it is even still used today by some armies. They were simplicity itself to put together rolling off the production factory at Tank City. The were designed to deflect shells and were one of the reasons the Russians were able to halt the Nazi advance in the East and reverse it.