Top tips for choosing your estate agent

May 13, 2020 9:53 am


When it comes to choosing an Estate Agents Gloucester way you can find it difficult to work out which one to go with. Here are our handy tips for choosing your estate agent.

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  1. Start off by making a list of all of the Estate Agents that are local to you if you are trying to sell a property and are in the location that you want to move to if you are looking for a house purchase. You may decide you want to use two different agents or you may choose to stick with the one for continuity and ease.
  2. Look through the websites and social media pages of the Estate Agents in your list and see what their recommendations are like and what services that they offer. You will get a good idea of the expertises by working through their services pages.

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  1. Ask for a valuation on your property and you will get an idea of how they work, their level of detail and professionalism by watching how they work and interact with you and the service that you get on this valuation.
  2. You can then make a decision on moving forwards with your sale and purchase with a particular agent.