How To Choose And Use An Area Rug

October 7, 2019 3:33 pm



Wooden floors are undoubtedly beautiful in a home, but sometimes they need to be protected. There are lots of polishes and protectors on the market, but the easiest way of keeping scratches and marks off the wood in the long term is by introducing an area rug.

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An area rug is a great way to provide a barrier against high heels and foot traffic, pets’ claws, and other furniture dragging along the wood. It can also make a great style statement.

Clean Up

Start with a clean floor by sweeping and mopping the whole area. Any grains of dust or dirt can be ground into the wood underneath a rug if they remain. If you have any scratches, get the wood wax out, or fill if it’s a really big one, and fix them before your put down a rug. Getting it right before your rug goes down will mean that your floor stays in great condition.

Laying runners in high-traffic areas like hallways or entrances can help with wear and tear, in addition to muting the noise. Near doors, you help prevent traipsing dirt around the house and stop shoes from scuffing the floor or furniture.

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Size Is Important

From an aesthetic perspective, a small rug in a seating area can look great, but a larger space like a dining room will need a much bigger rug to fit the table and chairs. Sometimes, it might even reach almost to the walls.

Make sure there is a non-skid backing to your rug so people don’t slide and the rug doesn’t scratch the floor. There are lots of options, either integral or something you can add later. Pile is also an important consideration, so make sure it’s appropriate.

For more style inspiration on choosing the right area rug, see the Elle Decor site.

If wooden flooring is the right thing for your home, there are lots of options available and plenty of different colours and finishes. Solid wood can be a significant cash investment, so sometimes an oak engineered flooring or even laminate might be a more cost-effective option.

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a rug, so assess the space and how you use it before committing.