How wetsuits are made

May 26, 2020 3:52 pm


Do you love surfing or bodyboarding or perhaps wild swimming? If you are a beach lover you have probably come across a wetsuit or two over the years. These durable suits help to protect you from the effects of the cold water and come in a variety of designs. The one thing that all wetsuits have in common is the use of rubber in their construction. Synthetic rubber can be made in a number of colours and shapes and can be shaped using Rubber Moulding.

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When it comes to creating a wetsuit the rubber is made into sheets that are then laminated onto a variety of other fabrics. The other fabrics used will depend on what type of wetsuit is being created and how much give and elasticity there needs to be in the material itself.

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The pattern pieces are then cut out from the laminated material and the seams are first glued together before they are stitched using a special machine that only pierces half of the suit, unlike conventional sewing machines that go all the way through the material. This helps to keep the material watertight.

Zips are inserted into the suit and the wetsuit can then be packaged for sale.