Considerations before having a property extension

May 29, 2020 1:19 pm


Party wall

If building an extension involves establishing or making foundations that come within 3 metres of boundary limits, party walls or foundation excavation within 6 metres of the boundary, the job will require you to comply with the Party Wall Act.

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How easy will it be for deliveries to be made to your home when building an extension? You should work out how trucks would access the property comfortably and unload heavy goods. You’ll also want to figure out where builders are going to park and store their tools, for example, ahead of time. For house extensions and Custom Build Homes Solihull, visit a site like ifurb, providers of both Custom Build Homes Solihull and extensions.

Existing services

Do not forget to check your existing services before building an extension. Do not just assume that your electrical, heating and plumbing systems will be able to cope with the extra space in terms of lighting and heating, for example.

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If you do the work yourself and manage projects, you must have insurance that covers extensions which includes both new structures and the existing ones. This is because most home insurance companies will exclude any loss or damage while the property is undergoing change or remodelling, leaving you exposed. It’s worth discussing your project with specialist insurance providers as the expansion project can be complex and often include obligations assumed under the Party Wall Act of 1996. All work, materials, tools and equipment need to be covered and the insurance should include public liability and employers’ liability automatically to ensure you are adequately protected.