How Businesses can Stay Afloat During Lockdown

May 29, 2020 1:22 pm


Dealing with the worldwide pandemic and running a business is probably the most high-pressured situation that many business owners have ever had to deal with. In order to weather the storm, many companies are having to rapidly change their business model and the way that they do business. Companies offering white label SEO services, web design and social media management are becoming very important and sought after services as companies race to get online.

These are a few ways that businesses are adapting during the pandemic, and still providing a service, whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines…

Pubs and Restaurants – Whilst none of us are able to go out to a pub or restaurant for a meal and drink at the moment, many of them are bringing that service to people at home. Many places have stayed open and are delivering meals to customers – getting the word out via social media and publishing menus on their websites is a great way of using the internet to keep their business going.

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Exercise and Dance Classes – Gyms are closed as are group gatherings, but many people are running classes from home via Zoom – dance classes, yoga and aerobics classes are a great way to keep happy and healthy during the lockdown, and helps to keep the businesses going too.

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Shops – Many shops that have never had an online presence and have relied on people being able to come in have now had to go online. Some, such as local garden centres have adapted and are now offering customers a delivery service – this is the ideal time to get your garden looking good after all!